Life after Uni

There has been quite a few changes in my life since I last posted and I think its best I skim over some details just to get up to speed with everything and its crazy how in about 3 months, a lot of things have happened really.

In June I finished my final exam and I was lucky enough to go to a couple cities in the USA before I was due to Graduate and due to a number of things I ended up making the journey by myself. It gave me great experience of travelling by myself and just gave me some confidence that its not as bad as people make out and I met some great and interesting people along the way. There were definitely times in which I felt a bit lonely but I didn’t let it stop me from making the most of my trip. I enjoyed having that freedom to explore and it led to me doing some great things like walking around New York and ending up at a small Jazz Bar listening to some talented musicians or sitting in the middle of Time Sqaure and being entranced by the sheer number of people.

on July 4th!

It’s like this 24/7!

I stayed in hostels and met some people from around the world from places like South Korea, Australia, Austria, Japan, Germany, Brazil and many more places. It was really quite interesting to meet so many people from around the world and I’d definitely recommend staying in a hostel if your planning on travelling in a small group. I should say I only went for two and half weeks but I tried to make the most of it and in the end I ended up visiting Toronto, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Boston and New York. It was a fantastic trip with some particular highlights were finally seeing Avenue Q in NYC, finding a Jazz Bar in NYC and just walking through Central Park on the 4th July. I think I’ll definitely visit again and hopefully I’ll put up a nice photo gallery of some of my favorite pictures at some point. Here’s one of my favorites;

Taken in the middle of central park

This is my favorite picture taken in New York

After that I ended up Graduating from Hull University with a 2:1 and it was quite surreal waking up in Philadelphia to check and find out I managed to achieve something I worked hard for. I was really excited for the future, for the possibility of being able to work full time on Android apps and just work on something I know I will enjoy. I managed to secure a Internship at a company called Wewana:Play after I went to a networking event called Tech Wednesday and I was lucky that they recognised me from previous meet ups which shows just how useful these type of events can be!


They do a lot of interesting things, Definitely worth checking out there app!

Its been really interesting working within a start-up and I’ve been really fascinated by them due to the non traditional ways in which they are run. It feels like it goes against what I was taught in Uni at times as we were taught more about building software at a larger scale but it’s just different due to the scale in which the business operates. Its quite interesting to be in a space where someone could be building a system for controlling your central heating from your smart phone (HeatGenius) to creating AR sticky notes to help learn a different language (FlashSticks). Because of Wewana I also had the opportunity to go to Insomnia which is a big gaming LAN and it was insane to see so many people willing to lug there desktops to play in a ton of tournaments throughout the week.

At Wewana:Play I’ve been working on a app called The Game Quiz and its quite different to be working within a team and producing software for an actual business but its been very enjoyable and its great having something that I’ve contributed to live in the Play Store. It’s given me a lot of confidence when programming and I’ve learned a lot about how to work within a business as well as the standards needed. I’ve worked with some great people and its really been really fun working there and its strengthened my belief that Android/Mobile Development is something I really want to go forward with.

I feel like I should write about Eurogamer Expo but I think this blog post is long enough as it is! I’ll be at Appsworld in about two weeks so I suppose I’ll have something interesting to post about then.

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One thought on “Life after Uni

  1. Dee
    October 6, 2013 at 7:43 pm

    Great pic of Central Park Arjun, great perspective and so much to see in it.

    You have come a long way these last few months and I’m sure you will go on to do some amazing things. Keep up the good work.

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